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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I file the vehicle myself?
A: No, all used self-propelled vehicles must be filed with an approved AES (automated export system) certified filer

Q: How much time does it take to file my vehicle?
A: Once your information is received you can expect proof of filing within 24 hours. There is a mandatory 72-hour notification period required by U.S. CBP after your vehicle information has been filed before being eligible to be exported

Q: I see you are in North Dakota, is that the only place I can export from?
A: No, we can file your export information so that you may export your vehicle at your preferred U.S./ Canadian port of entry that allows vehicle exporting / importing.

Q: I’ve never had to file a vehicle before is this new?
A: As of oct. 3rd new export requirements now requires mandatory filing of export information for all shipments of used self-propelled vehicles, regardless of value or country of destination. Canada had been exempt from this prior to this new amendment.

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