652 HWY 59 Pembina ND 58271 US

Phone: (701) 825-6362 Email: border_parcel@yahoo.com

Northern Border Export

Northern border export, along with our parent company border parcel service, which is AES certified. Northern border export vehicle export professionals bring over a decade of expertise in exporting to you for the filing of your used self-propelled vehicle.

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Border parcel service established in 2012 serving Canadian residents providing a USA address to utilize savings $$ on internet purchases and U.S. Deliveries. We offer secure storage for shipments of all sizes.

Conveniently located along the manitoba border, south of Winnipeg on the only major interstate,i-29. We are excited to offer you our new professional export service, as northern border export. We serve all of the northern border for accurate filing of all self propelled vehicles.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I file the vehicle myself?
A: No, all used self-propelled vehicles must be filed with an approved AES (automated export system) certified filer

Q: How much time does it take to file my vehicle?
A: Once your information is received you can expect proof of filing within 24 hours. There is a mandatory 72-hour notification period required by U.S. CBP after your vehicle information has been filed before being eligible to be exported

Q: I see you are in North Dakota, is that the only place I can export from?
A: No, we can file your export information so that you may export your vehicle at your preferred U.S./ Canadian port of entry that allows vehicle exporting / importing.

Q: I've never had to file a vehicle before is this new?
A: As of oct. 3rd new export requirements now requires mandatory filing of export information for all shipments of used self-propelled vehicles, regardless of value or country of destination. Canada had been exempt from this prior to this new amendment.