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Your Professional Export Service

Authorized Filing Agent for your vehicle export on the US/Canadian Border. Providing accurate AES proof of filing.

 What We Do

Northern Border Export, a division of Border Parcel Service, is your vehicle export professionals. We can handle all of your filing needs for your used self-propelled vehicle. Border Parcel Service is AES Certified, ready to process your electronic export information, meeting this newly amended requirement for all of Canada.

Why Us?

Avoid thousands of dollars in penalties by choosing our Authorized Export Agent Service.

The Bureau of the Census (Census Bureau) has amended its regulations requiring mandatory proof of filing citation for all used self-propelled vehicles exporting the United States. Northern Border Export Authorized Vehicle filer can assist you with your filing at any border crossing across the U.S. / Canadian Border.

Title 15 Code of Federal Regulations part 30 has been updated to require all used self-propelled vehicles regardless of value or country of destination to have proof of filing citation prior to exporting the United States.

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